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Mooresville Chiropractor Provides Relief for Back and Neck Pain

Mooresville chiropractor helps with chronic back pain Chronic back pain from an auto accident injury or sports injury can rob you of the freedom to live an active life. Our Mooresville chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Robinson, uses non-invasive chiropractic adjustments to naturally manage pain and correct the underlying cause of your injury. Dr. Robinson has helped over 20,000 patients safely recover from injuries, and he can help you, too!

Chiropractic Care Helps Patients Heal
After Auto and Sports Injuries

Our approach to treating pain and injuries is different from traditional medical care. We do not use medication or surgical procedures to treat your pain. Instead, we help the body heal itself by correcting the underlying cause for your pain or injury. By restoring alignment to the musculoskeletal system, our chiropractor ensures patients enjoy long-lasting pain relief without dependency on prescription painkillers.

Dr. Robinson is fully experienced in a variety of patient-proven, effective chiropractic techniques. These include Diversified, Gonstead, Cox, Motion Palpation, CBP, Activator, Thompson and Active Release Technique (ART). The goal with each of these treatments is to restore alignment to the musculoskeletal system. Dr. Robinson begins by identifying a subluxation in the spine, a condition that occurs when one or more of the bones in your spine are out of alignment. Your spine is made up of 26 bones. Depending on the location of the subluxation, such as the cervical spine or the lumbar spine, different treatment techniques are appropriate for restoring alignment. Adjustments can also help fibromyalgia patients by treating the underlying cause for their pain. Dr. Robinson creates customized treatment plans for each patient to enhance wellness and speed injury recovery.

Seeking chiropractic care after sustaining auto accident injuries For example, whiplash is one of the most common auto accident injuries. This auto accident injury is when the neck is "whipped" backwards and forwards during an accident and can affect patients in slow speed accidents including fender benders. Whiplash knocks the cervical spine out of alignment and can cause headaches, migraines, neck pain and affect your ability to concentrate. A combination of chiropractic adjustment along with massage therapy and corrective care exercises can restore relieve pain and restore a full range of motion to your neck.

One of the most common causes of back pain is a herniated disc. Everything from traumatic sports injuries to wear and tear over time can cause a disc to "slip" out of alignment. When this happens, the nearby nerves are compressed, leading to chronic pain. If the sciatic nerve is compressed, patients may experience a numbness or tingling sensation in the lower back, legs and buttocks, a condition known as sciatica. The Cox Method is considered the "golden standard" in adjustments for treating a herniated disc. This technique increases space between the discs, which allows the herniated disc to return to its original placement and relieve pressure on the nearby nerves.

We believe in a comprehensive approach to wellness. Our goal with each patient is not only to relieve pain, but also to enhance well being through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle counseling. Our customized nutrition programs can help you lose weight and enjoy more energy. Our exercises programs will help you safely get active again after an injury. Wellness is a journey, and our team is excited to be your partner in helping you live an active and healthy life.

Our Mooresville office is conveniently located to serves the Lake Norman, Cornelius, Troutman and Statesville communities. Call our Mooresville chiropractor today at (704) 664-1333!


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  • "So glad I found The Joint...affordable chiropractic care that is helping my low back issues. No appointments and low wait times. The front desk is super sweet and helpful!"
    Serena E.
  • "We've been patients at this location since they opened & have been extremely happy with the care that we receive from the Drs. They are knowledgeable & caring. Wait times are minimal."
    Melissa A.

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